“The GDST Space Technology Diploma course allows Sixth Formers interested in pursuing a career in computer science or space related studies, to further develop the software skills and knowledge involved in the space sector.

Earlier this week,  students in year 12 partaking in the GDST Space Technology Diploma course were welcomed by GDST Trust Office to participate in a physical computing workshop. It was inspiring to meet and work alongside pupils from other GDST schools around the country, to complete activities such as using a Raspberry Pi and a Sense Hat peripheral for CSV logging to image generation and image template matching. The students are looking forward to returning to London in June to collaborate with Amazon Web Service control at Amazons headquarters in Shoreditch.

The day was a fantastic opportunity for pupils from Shrewsbury High School to experience real life space technology coding problems and network with fellow sister schools.

On behalf of all the students on this trip, a big thank you goes to Mr Petford and Mr Godbold for making this trip possible for the future computer scientists!  Sapphira Roach, Year 12

About the GDST’s Space Technology Diploma

This programme is comparable with an undergraduate university module and was designed to fill a gap.  Namely, that there is no specific undergraduate degree that solely focuses on computer science disciplines relevant to Space Science. This deficit is also reflected in the current Computer Science and Physics A-Level syllabuses.

Space agencies around the world have recognised that attracting more women into the space industry is of vital importance, with The European Space Agency setting the target of employing women in at least 40% of all STEM roles by 2025. The GDST’s Space Technology Diploma is specifically designed to upskill girls across our schools so that they are well placed to consider careers in the industry.

Following a year’s attendance of academic sessions, students used their new knowledge of stratospheric data analysis, Python coding and planetary science for a final viva style presentation of their own independent space engineering projects at the GDST Trust Office.