When it comes to university preparation at Shrewsbury High School, our commitment to preparing students for university and beyond is unwavering. We believe in nurturing not just academic success but also the personal growth and resilience needed to thrive in higher education and future careers. Our comprehensive University and Careers advice is tailored to support each student’s unique aspirations, goals, and dreams.

Personalised Guidance and Global Connections

Every student at Shrewsbury High School benefits from personalised guidance in mapping out their future. Whether the aim is to attend prestigious universities such as Oxford and Cambridge, explore options at home and abroad, or pursue apprenticeships with leading companies, our dedicated staff are well-equipped to provide expert advice and support.

The Power of the GDST Network

The Girls’ Day School Trust (GDST) network sets the foundation for university preparation at Shrewsbury High School. Leveraging the Girls’ Day School Trust (GDST), Shrewsbury High School provides unparalleled opportunities for our Sixth Form students. Beyond in-school support, students can access the GDST’s CareerStart programme, offering vital life skills and insight into various industries through employer and university connections.

Shrewsbury High School students engaging in university preparation activities

Structured UCAS Support

Our UCAS support system is thorough and effective, evidenced by the high success rate of our students in receiving offers from their chosen universities. From crafting compelling personal statements to preparing for additional admissions tests and interviews, we ensure every girl is ready to present her best self to her chosen institutions.

Oxbridge and Competitive University Preparation at Shrewsbury High School

For students aspiring to study at Oxbridge or pursue careers in Medicine, Veterinary Science, or Dentistry, our dedicated Oxbridge Coordinator and team of specialists provide tailored support. This includes assistance with personal statements, interview preparation, and entrance exam guidance. Our aim is to nurture these ambitions from an early stage, inviting students onto our Enrichment programme to develop the skills and knowledge required by top universities.

Beyond the Curriculum

Understanding the importance of holistic development, we encourage our students to look beyond the curriculum. This includes practical advice on work experience, volunteering opportunities, and stimulating activities that enhance their understanding and skills in their chosen field.

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