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Every student known, every student matters.

For all our students to flourish and thrive, our pastoral care is an upmost priority and is the foundation of all our work here at Shrewsbury High.

Our pastoral provision at Shrewsbury High is called CLIMB – this encompasses everything from tutor time, pastoral 1-2-1s, and mentoring, with all our wellbeing work centred around one idea: that we are climbing on a journey, we belong, and that we are here to support and nurture each other within our community, to be the best we can.  Climb also symbolises our work as part of the GDST family.

At seniors, every student has a personal group tutor, who is available to support and guide our girls on their learning journey. Moreover, the group tutor is the first port of call for parents and carers, as they are the coaches, mentors and daily support for each and every student in their care.  At Juniors, it is our form teachers who are the first port of call for our students and their parents.  

Heading up each stage team is the Head of Stage, who steers the course and plans proactively for the needs of their cohort of students, tracking the academic and personal development of their pupils.

The Head of Stage is very much the ‘north star’ of the year group, navigating and guiding their tutees to fulfil their individual goals and potential.  At Juniors our form teachers provide the similar pastoral overview for their years.

We are delighted that Shrewsbury High School was named as a finalist in the Independent School of the Year awards for our CLIMB pastoral programme.

Our Heads of Stage team

Head of Lower School (Years 7 & 8) – Ms J Shenton |
Ms Shenton oversees the transition from Junior to Senior School, to support this key transition point, navigate the waters of new friendships and ensure bespoke pastoral care.

Head of Year 9 – Mr. R. Allen |
Our Head of Year 9 provides for the unique demands of this year group as a transition between Lower and Middle School.  Year 9 is a time of significant change for children both academically and developmentally as they go through adolescence and make option choices for GCSE.

Head of Middle School (Years 10 & 11) – Mrs. C. Anthony |
Mrs Anthony supports girls through their crucial GCSE years, supporting their next journey as they come young women, both pastorally and academically.

Deputy Head of Sixth Form – Mrs. R. Sadd


Form Tutors at Juniors

Head of Early Years and Reception Teacher – Mr R. King |

Year 1 Form Tutor – Mrs R. Wakeley |

Year 1 Form Tutor – Mrs S J Blenkinsop |

Year 2 Form Tutor – Mrs G. Styles |

Year 3 Form Tutor – Mrs C. Phillips |

Year 4 Form Tutor – Mrs E. Dixon |

Year 5 Form Tutor – Mrs H. Gill |

Year 6 Form Tutor – Mrs E. Lock |

If you would like to read more about the overall Pastoral support on offer, please see What does Pastoral Care look like at SHS? for more detail, and also please do read the blog  “We all do better when we feel better”.