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“Last year we attended your Open Day.  All 3 of us were just so impressed by your school. The energy and enthusiasm of your staff and pupils was fantastic. Your ethos is exactly how we have brought up our daughter and it feels like the perfect fit. She lacks in confidence sometimes but has a real passion and zest for learning. We feel like your school would nurture this. We left feeling rather emotional and excited that there is a school that educates girls in such an amazing environment. No one gets left behind. If a pupil has an interest, you do your very best to accommodate that”. (prospective parent)


Shrewsbury High School was born out of rebellion and resolve to help every girl fulfil her potential and dreams and it is exciting that this resolve still underpins our philosophy today here at SHS.

These are exciting times for girls. Age-old barriers are being broken down and opportunities are opening up like never before. There is no better time to take advantage of a High School education.

As specialists in girls’ education we tailor our teaching to the way girls learn best, and instil in them the conviction that there’s no limit to what they can achieve. We have over 100 years’ experience in educating girls and liberating their full potential and remain resolute in that core purpose. As a result we place girls at the heart of everything that we do at the senior school so we design our curriculum, the shape of our day, our co-curricular programme, our pastoral programme to meet the their needs.

Our girls don’t play second fiddle to anyone, they are free to play all the roles within school life, the leaders, the class clowns, the chemists, the classical scholars and they can make unconstrained choices about their interests, subjects and future careers. For example we have a higher uptake in maths and technology subjects than girls in our co-ed counterparts. Our PSHE programme is designed to counter the specific pressures a 21st Century girl faces and we make sure she finds a strong voice through our Student Council, Learning Council and our Digital Leaders’ Programme.

We seek to build resilience and give our girls the chance to fail, recover and try again. They understand that they will face challenges in the co-ed world but unlike many of their co-ed counterparts they will not fall foul of the confidence gap because they are academically and mentally prepared for whatever field they choose.

Shrewsbury High School girls learn to be confident, resilient and fearless so our girls are equipped for the opportunities and challenges of the future and head out into the world with the spirit to succeed.