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For pupils looking for extra academic enrichment we are delighted to be able to offer opportunity for further academic challenge and dedicated support.

More Able and Talented Programme

Head of English Mr Aldridge co-ordinates Shrewsbury High School’s ‘More Able and Talented’ programme; this is a real opportunity to stretch and challenge our most able girls, enabling them to make outstanding progress not only in their examined subjects, but also to develop sharply honed skills for life-long learning.

There is a significant amount of research and guidance in how best to support more able and talented learners, and we will review and experiment with a high number of strategies to work out the most effective ones for our community.

The benefits of the more able and talented programme will be felt by all girls as our school extends and develops its culture for promoting deep and wide learning; work with our academic scholars, those girls who achieve highly across a broad spectrum of subjects, and those girls identified as having exceptional talent in a given discipline will look to promote opportunities for students to think beyond the curriculum, access thinking strategies and to sharpen skills of resilience and perseverance in different contexts.

This is a brand new role in our school, but one which will contribute to cementing our place as one of the very best places for girls to develop and grow in Shropshire and the West Midlands. Creating a real buzz around academic excellence and intellectual curiosity for its own sake will be key to the growth of our school in this area as a love for learning is often allied to happiness, confidence, feelings of self-worth and resilience.

Aiming for Oxbridge?

The Oxbridge Co-ordinator offers support and enrichment for all who want to aim for Oxford or Cambridge and those looking to study Medicine, Veterinary or Dentistry.

Our Oxbridge Co-ordinator works closely alongside subject specialists and the Head of Careers, supporting those in year 12 as they write their personal statements, and prepare for interviews and entrance examinations.

The scope of the role, however, extends far beyond supporting the Sixth Form in their applications. Shrewsbury High aims to identify those with the potential and desire to go to Oxford or Cambridge, or to study Medicine, Dentistry or Veterinary Science and support them fully in realising their ambitions.

We realise that every student develops at a different rate, and so we will invite students at any point in their School career. We offer practical advice on work experience and volunteering, but the most exciting aspect is giving students the opportunity to think beyond the curriculum, extend knowledge and develop the skills Oxford, Cambridge, Veterinary and Medical Schools require.