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We are very proud of the achievements of our pupils and we are privileged to be part of the academic journey they all make.

Pupils leaving Shrewsbury High School opt to study a wide range of subjects at some of the country’s top universities, but whether she is aiming for the lofty spires of Oxbridge or the cut and thrust of an industry apprenticeship, whether it’s drama school or an art foundation, a history degree or sports science at university, agricultural college or straight to the world of work – we want our pupils and parents to feel confident that we can support her to get there.

It is very important to state that academic success may look very different for each of our pupils.

For many teachers supporting a pupil who lacks confidence but works hard, listens to advice and improves their understanding of a subject and who then achieves a grade which they wouldn’t believe possible – they are often the most satisfying results. It is quite common for teaching assistants to be present in school for GCSE results days simply to see how the pupil they have supported for a number of years has got on in their examinations. It really is a lovely sight to see teachers and pupils celebrating successes together.

All new pupils entering into the school are assessed in order to build up their academic profile. We do this so that we can ensure that each and every pupil achieves their very best academically. By understanding an individual’s ability, their strengths and weaknesses as well as any specific learning issues, we can provide an educational experience that suits every pupil.

Here at Shrewsbury High School, our key aim is to develop our learners so that they can achieve success in all that they pursue here with us, but also when they move into the big, wide world.

We are very proud of our academic successes but we are equally proud of how the pupils of Shrewsbury High embrace the challenges beyond the school and achieve so much after they leave us.