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We have a highly experienced, dedicated and committed team of teaching staff, who seek out ways to inspire our students, ignite curiosity, challenge them in their thinking, and unleash their potential.

Supporting pupils to achieve their individual academic and career goals is at the heart of our education at Shrewsbury High School.

You should expect a school to know your child as an individual. At the High School we pride ourselves on knowing each and every pupil really well and by having small tutor groups our tutors and class teachers can really get to know the young people in their care and respond to their individual needs. These relationships encourage pupils to share problems and tell teachers when things go wrong.

We are a remarkable school and our mission, to promote happiness, guide discovery, have fun, nurture talent, realise potential and deliver excellence, consistently and reliably, for all our pupils is central to teaching at SHS.

At senior level we understand how girls prefer to learn, providing hour long lessons, to encourage the deep learning that suits girls’ preference for mastery and depth. Within those lessons we understand that girls need both more security and more challenge if they are to excel, we build up confidence so that girls actively participate in lessons, becoming more assertive within the classroom and gaining power in their own voice – we know that girls lose self-confidence more quickly and regain it less quickly than boys and so we need to encourage them to experiment, have a go, be brave, and not worry about always getting it right.

For girls this is often best achieved through collaboration and team work. In partnership with the teacher, they support each other to take risks with their learning. We seek to build resilience and give our girls the chance to fail, recover and try again so if you have the pleasure of meeting any of our year 13 girls you will find them about to go out in the world seeking to be courageous rather than perfect. They understand that they will face challenges in the co-ed world but unlike many of their co-ed counterparts they will not fall foul of the confidence gap because they are academically and mentally prepared for whatever field they choose.

At Shrewsbury High School we understand that students don’t just learn in the classroom; they learn on the playing field, in the drama studio, the debating chamber, camping in the wild or exploring the city – our teachers teach in all these places with kindness, conviction and creativity.