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Independent Girls' Secondary School | Shrewsbury High School

Discover Shrewsbury High School’s Senior School: A Legacy of Empowering Young Women

In the search for exceptional Senior schools in Shrewsbury, Shrewsbury High School, an Independent Senior School, leads on excellence and innovation in girls’ education. Established in 1885 and part of the prestigious Girls’ Day School Trust (GDST), our girls’ secondary school is dedicated to nurturing ambitious, resilient young women poised to leave a lasting impact on the world.


  • Girls First. Always: Every decision, every approach centres on their growth.
  • Personal Attention: Benefit from small class sizes and tailored teaching methods.
  • Expert Guidance: Learn from specialist subject tutors, experts in teaching girls.
  • A World of Opportunities: Connect to the Girls’ Day School Trust worldwide network of outstanding schools.
  • True Self Expression: A place where every girl can confidently be herself.


Connected Globally, Rooted Locally: The GDST Advantage

Born from a spirit of rebellion and resolve, the schools of the GDST resonate with these founding principles, creating an environment where every girl uncovers her true potential. As a member of this global network, your daughter will benefit from unique opportunities to excel on both the national and international stage.


Education Tailored for Girls: Unleashing Potential

The latest research and pedagogy in girls’ education inform our approach to education. At Shrewsbury High School we have crafted an environment that specifically addresses their unique learning and pastoral needs. Our mission is to cultivate confident, visionary young women, equipped to drive positive change in the world.

“My daughter was incredibly impressed by the school and following her visit she has been really enthusiastic about the prospect of moving there next year. Having found such a positive home in her current primary, I think she was concerned we would not be able to replicate that safe community and supported environment in her next school. We believe we have found it in your school. We are all excited for her and the many opportunities she will be offered at Shrewsbury High” – New Parent


Innovative Teaching for Unparalleled Growth

At Shrewsbury High School, girls learn without limits. The curriculum within our girls-only secondary school is designed to inspire ambition, foster a strong sense of self-worth, and encourage resilience and initiative. We focus on developing well-rounded individuals, capable of thriving in any environment.

Why Choose Shrewsbury High School for Girls?

  • Pioneering in Girls’ Education: As a leading girls’ secondary school, we understand the specific needs of young women in education, preparing them for a future of success. Our girls are real world ready.
  • A Nurturing Community: Parents consistently praise the transformative experience their daughters have at our school, noting significant positive changes in outlook and confidence.
  • Empowering Young Women: We aim to empower each student to discover her passions, develop her voice, and confidently make her mark on the world.

FAQs for Prospective Parents and Students

What makes Shrewsbury High School unique among Shrewsbury high schools?
A: Our exclusive focus on girls’ education, combined with the power of being part of the GDST family, offers a unique and empowering educational experience.

How does the school support personal growth and academic excellence?
A: Our balanced approach to education emphasizes both academic rigor and personal development, preparing each girl for her future and fully supporting her as she develops her passions and achieves her ambitions

What opportunities are available for students at Shrewsbury High School?
A: Our students benefit from a wide range of extra-curricular activities, leadership opportunities, and a global network that opens doors to national and international experiences.

Your Daughter’s Future Starts Here

Experience the warmth and ethos that make Shrewsbury High School a leading independent girls’ school in Shrewsbury. We invite you to explore our Senior School and discover how we can be the right choice for your daughter’s education and future. Contact us today, sign up to our open day, or book your visit here.

Mr Darren Payne