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Shrewsbury High School has announced exciting plans to unite on one site as part of the School’s ongoing development and aspirations for the future. From September 2021, all pupils and staff, currently on two separate sites, will be based on one site at Town Walls. To learn more about these exciting developments please click here

School days are some of the most important and memorable days for a child, and as such, daily life at Shrewsbury High Junior School is built around exploration, adventure and fun.

These buildings will become a bespoke junior school

Our commitment to ensuring that every day is filled with opportunity, excitement and most importantly, ‘something new’, is unswerving.

As part of our school’s ongoing development and aspirations for the future, we are excited that from September 2021, we will truly become one school, with our Junior site relocating to unite with our historic Senior School on one super site at Town Walls.  We are looking forward to bringing these two parts of our school together and believe it will further enhance the excellence of the education we offer, as we look to an exciting future.

Our Junior pupils will have their own distinct Junior School nestled in the heart of the Senior site.  We will provide high-quality dedicated educational facilities for our Junior pupils. As well as new classrooms, we will be refurbishing a science lab to create a discovery lab, a creative space for teaching science and food technology, and a physics lab will be refurbished as a flexible physics and design technology space to benefit all pupils. We will recreate our Forest School facilities and make the most of the considerable green spaces at Town Walls. We will also develop our sports facilities to deliver a wide range of sports for all pupils as part of a high-quality inclusive programme.

No 27 & No 28 Town Walls

Our Junior pupils will also have access to the Senior School facilities, including art rooms, music rooms, the ICT room, science labs, the library, and the theatre, as well as the dining area and assembly halls.

And so, as someone who is passionate about education and creativity, having the opportunity to significantly invest in a beautiful space that will become our new junior school is exciting. The classrooms, not just in the new junior school but the Design Technology space, the Discovery Lab and Science spaces too, will support deep level learning.

Reception classroom which extends into two bright and airy spaces to ensure continuous provision for our youngest pupils as well as their own direct access to their own outdoor space which will be configured specifically for Early Years and more flexibly configured learning spaces that are inspiring our current design ideas will provide opportunities for movement and interaction.

Our new school site is a treasure trove of characterful indoor and outdoor spaces and these are just as important for stimulating curiosity, interaction and friendship as they are for providing fresh air, freedom to explore and relaxation.

Following a distinctive and broad curriculum allows our pupils’ creativity to flourish and their curiosities to be explored; they have a genuine love of learning and the right attitudes, values and disciplines that are central to success both now and also in preparation for the future.

Our ultimate ambition is to nurture every child’s potential and individuality; enabling them to shine both intellectually and physically as they grow in self-awareness, confidence and maturity.

Whether this is your first experience of our school community or you have visited us before, the warmth and ethos of the school is clear to see from our wonderful pupils and staff as soon as you walk through the gate.

I look forward to welcoming you to our school,

Mrs Kate Millichamp, Headteacher




Independent Primary School in Shrewsbury

Shrewsbury High Junior School is an independent, private primary school in Shrewsbury. We are based in the heart of Shrewsbury, on the banks of the river Severn, but welcome pupils from the wider areas around Shropshire including Telford, Whitchurch, Oswestry, Bridgnorth, Market Drayton and other towns.

We are an independent school, often known as a private school, which means that we provide an enriched curriculum for our students with some of the highest quality teaching in the region. We also have smaller class sizes to allow our teachers to give your child more attention and support. State-of-the-art facilities, classrooms and outdoor spaces provide a stimulating place for your child to learn and develop.


Academic Success & Personal Development

Academic success is important, but this only happens by prioritising a child’s wellbeing and developmental progress. At our School, while we teach children a rich and varied curriculum, our primary focus is on encouraging children to develop the right values, attitudes and disciplines to set them up for the future.

This means that while a traditional curriculum is part of our school days, where children learn reading, writing and a large number of other subjects, our curriculum as a whole is formed through skill-based teaching, rather than content delivery. It means that creativity is an essential part of the school day. We encourage children to develop creative problem-solving skills and the ability to look at a question from multiple angles.

We also recognise that interacting with the outdoors is an essential way to encourage a child’s curiosity and learning. We take our learning outside as much as possible and also make the most of the woodland areas in the school grounds, as well as travelling further afield into the Shropshire countryside. From digging and using tools to navigating and studying the flora and fauna, the outdoors provides a space for your child to test hypotheses, work as a team, experiment and get a little muddy!

School days at Shrewsbury High School are varied, interesting and never dull. Our teachers always have a new challenge prepared, an experiment for the pupils to try or a fresh problem to solve. There’s never a boring day so your child can enjoy every minute of their primary school life.