One of the many special things about our Sixth Form is the way in which our students contribute to our whole school and wider community.  In recent weeks, our Sixth Formers began the process of applying to serve on the Head Girl Committee, and during May we began the process of applications for House Leadership Teams, Senior Peer Mentors and Subject Mentors as well as positions of responsibility across our extracurricular and co-curricular clubs and societies.  Our students went through a rigorous process of application and two rounds of interviews.  Headteacher Ms Sharrock, Director of Sixth Form Mr Neville and Deputy Director of Sixth Form Mrs Sadd were incredibly impressed by every candidate and particularly struck by the thoughtfulness of our students, their sense of compassion and indeed desire to create and lead initiatives so that they can help others, both at school and our wider community.

Huge congratulations to Willow Dowd, our new Head Girl and our two new Deputies Ana Roach and Lottie Meyer.  Congratulations also to our three Senior Prefects: Jen, Maddy and Lily who are going to support the new Head Girl team in building on the wonderful work of our current Head Girl team, Eleanor Pryce-Boutwood, Dani, Maddy, Fiona, Hattie and Lydia.

Our new Head Girl Committee:

Willow Dowd: Head Girl

Ana Roach: Deputy Head Girl – Houses

Lottie Meyer: Deputy Head Girl – Community

Jen Everall: Senior Prefect – Sixth Form Committee

Lily Pembroke: Senior Prefect – Subject Mentors

Maddy Anderson: Senior Prefect – Peer Mentors





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