This week I have had the pleasure of interviewing our year 6 and year 11 girls ahead of their transition into Year 7 and our Sixth Form.

It has been wonderful to hear of their enthusiasm for the next exciting step in their education.  Whilst the conversations with year 6 differed considerably from those with year 11 they had more in common that one might first imagine.

Firstly their enthusiasm for academic study and their curiosity to go further with their subjects.  Whether it was leaping into the broad Year 7 curriculum or  delving into the specialised choice of A Levels, these girls are keen to learn.   And it is such a buzz to talk to them about their knowledge and discoveries.

Secondly their love for our school community came across, their appreciation of each other, their teachers and their excitement about the new experiences and opportunities which await.

Above all they oozed optimism for the adventure ahead, and hold such promise of all that they will become.

So much brilliance and character  – it truly was a privilege to spend some quality time in the company of such fabulous individuals, each with their own hopes, talents and priorities but all very much part of our school family.

Jo Sharrock




Tales from Town Walls

“Designing and planning our new classrooms, from selecting the most appropriate ergonomically designed furniture to considering how the layout can have the greatest impact on learning is well underway and it has afforded us the opportunity to really consider this idea of possibility.

The possibility of weaving integrated technology seamlessly through each classroom; video walls, iPads assigned to each individual, green screens, robotics and augmented reality. The possibility of being able to consider and ensure that moving forward we are sustainable and environmentally friendly whether that be through purposeful neutral-natural furniture, bringing the outdoors indoors to reaffirm children’s connections with nature whilst considering light and air quality.

The possibility of developing quirky outdoor and indoor spaces that our pupils can play in, imagine in, lose themselves in and make their own. The magic we are aiming to create in our Junior School environment will intrinsically create a sense of awe and wonder, stimulate initiative, confidence, interaction and perseverance whilst providing opportunities for imaginations to run wild as children engage with interest and develop their own curiosities”.

In our latest senior leadership team blog, Head of Prep Mrs Millichamp writes about the possibilities of our new junior site on Town Walls and the adventures to come: A greater sense of possibility; a promise of more to come.



GDST & SHS Undivided

In the summer, the GDST announced its Undivided commitment to diversity, inclusion and real change across the GDST family of schools, in response to feedback from the GDST community of alumnae, staff, parents and students and the challenge set by the Black Lives Matter movement.


Since then, the GDST Undivided steering group has prepared a Charter for Action; this sets out specific commitments, focusing on what the GDST (as an organisation) will deliver.

Here in school at SHS, we have been busy too:

  • Our student voice has continued apace: we have been reflecting on Diversity and Inclusion, as you will have seen in our previous school newsletters, with the student committees and councils
  • We are proud to have had the start of our student led ‘SHS and BLM’ group, meeting once a week on a Tuesday with Jessica Cruttwell-Brown and Eleanor Pryce-Boutwood.
  • Our staff have completed Unconscious Bias training online, and refreshing our Equal Opportunities training
  • Our SHS Governors Sub Committee has met with Mrs Owen Davies

The GDST promised to consult on these proposals before they were finalised, which is why we’re seeking your views. The Charter for Action is available on the GDST website here. Please do read it and share any comments you may have for the steering group to consider at this stage.

We are also consulting with staff, alumnae and senior school students.

The Charter for Action will be firmed up early next year. That said, the GDST has already started with important work in this area, including training, student and staff surveys, and data collection to help establish baselines and set stretching and challenging targets.

The student survey will be sent to pupils in Year 5 upwards from 1st December. It will ask a range of questions to establish the extent to which pupils feel every child, regardless of their background, is included and well-supported by their classmates and their school. If you have any questions about this, please contact Martin Pilkington at

Thank you for your help and support in making the GDST an even more inclusive organisation.

Emma Owen Davies
Deputy Head Pastoral




Year 3 have gone festive!

Year 3 couldn’t wait any longer to get their Christmas decorations up early and now have this beautiful Christmas tree sparkling in the corner of their classroom! The school trees will be here soon as we head into the last two weeks of term and our junior and senior pupils have been rehearsing carols for our virtual carol concert on 8th December.









Prep School Christmas Card Competition 2020

We had a huge response to our Prep School Christmas Card Competition this year, with over 50 entries. The decision was very hard, but we are delighted to announce the two winners; Well done to Isis Rendall 5P, for her beautiful watercolour painting of a woodland scene and animals, this has also been entered into the GDST Christmas Card Competition. Also, well done to Cara Bowyer Nottle in 4Q for her wonderful Christmas Dinosaur, we just love the socks!!











Self Defence classes- sign up now!

For the Spring Term ( January – March- 11 weeks) Year 7 and 9 will be invited to attend Self Defence lessons on a Wednesday after school. The lessons will be taught by Jamie Daniels, who as an instructor has over 25 years of experience in teaching self-defence, he has extensive experience of working in the secondary school sector. The self-defence method is a series of  techniques which come from Krav Maga, a system recognised world-wide for its effectiveness and efficiency. The classes involve an element of physical activity, using strike pads and verbal communication. They also involve team activities as well as partnered work.

The aim of the course is for students to have a much better idea of what a dangerous situation looks like, how to avoid it, or as a last resort how to escape it. Please see the website for more information.

Due to the expertise of the lessons there will be a fee per term, which is dependent on the number on pupils in the classes. The maximum price per pupil per lesson would be £7.50 for 10 pupils attending, and the minimum would be £3.50 for 20 pupils attending (plus parent pay fees).

If you have not already registered your interest in joining in the lessons, please email to book a place.






Year 9 Outdoor Activities

On Monday 23rd November, Gateway Outdoors came into school and ran a day of outdoor activities for all of us in Year 9. Throughout the day we did lots of life skill training activities to help us in life and to help prepare for our Duke of Edinburgh expeditions later in the year. We learnt about first aid, map reading, route planning and cooking! After learning map skills and putting them to use tracking footpaths, with only the help of a small description we ventured outside and learnt how to use a Trangia – a small gas stove – with this and ingredients from home the whole year created a variety of dishes. Lots of people cooked pasta, couscous, and noodles – some people even thought it tasted good! Whilst the dishes mainly included some form of pasta some of us were more creative – making scrambled eggs and soup!

One of the many highlights of the day was the tent relay races. We spent time making sure that we could put up a tent properly and then had races to unpack, build, and repack our tents – not all of us were very quick! Or very proficient! We had to have good teamwork skills in order to win the race. I really enjoyed the day as it gave us an insight to what DofE will be like.  Thank you for a good day.

Grace & Poppy, Year 9











“Into the GDST”

This year, the Independent School Show went online. The GDST were represented by Heads, pupils & the Director of Education. Shrewsbury High School was represented by Head of Period X Michelle Reece who explained more about our weekly enrichment programme.  The GDST has 25 schools across England & Wales and is a unique family.  If you missed the live event, you can watch it again now at:






Senior Second Hand Uniform Shop

The second hand uniform shop will be open Friday 4th December 3.30pm – 4.30pm.  This will be in the New Hall and access will be via the car park gate on foot.






Senior Sports Information

Monday 30th

  • Year 9 & 10 hockey training at school; start at 4.10pm and finish at 5.30pm (Staff: IS & SR)
  • There will be no Year 11 and Senior Netball training due to a parents’ evening.

Tuesday 1st

  • Year 9 & 10 Netball Training (school); start at 4.15pm and finish at 5.30pm (Staff: RAS & MIR)
  • Years 7 & 8 Hockey training at school; leave at 4.10pm and finish at 5.30pm (Staff: CAJ & IS)

Wednesday 2nd

  • Year 8 Interform Benchball @ school; start at 4.15pm and finish at 5.15pm (Staff: SLF and RAS)

Thursday 3rd

  • Senior dance (school); start at 4.10pm and finish at 5.30pm (Staff: MIR)

Friday 4th