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Our Ready Steady Girl “Stay and Play” sessions invite parents, grandparents, and carers to join their children in engaging, educational activities, promoting friendship and support within our early Years education in Shrewsbury.

Shrewsbury High School’s “Ready Steady Girl” programme is an ideal introduction to our Junior School, offering a vibrant environment for young learners aged 3-4. This initiative kick-starts their educational journey through monthly events filled with creative and engaging activities.

Designed to ignite creativity and curiosity, it sets a strong foundation for future learning and growth, seamlessly blending into the Junior School experience.

Each month we immerse early learners in a range of exciting activities, giving them the opportunity to explore new ideas and skills. Themes such as coding, construction, engineering, art, storytelling, drama and maths provide the stimuli for hands-on exploration, collaboration and fun.

We’re already through this year’s calendar of events, but there’s still time to join us during the summer term. All of our early years education events are held on Friday mornings starting at 10.15am.


10th November – Curious Coders
8th December – Festive Forage
12th January – Rhythm and Rhyme
2nd February – Cool Creators
14th March – Fantastic Gymnastics
22nd March – Easter Eggstravaganza
26th April – Golden Ticket
3rd May – Yoga Bears
7th June – Helicopter Drama and Storytelling

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New for 2024! Ready Steady Girl Stay and Play Early Years Education Sessions

Our stay and play sessions are a great way for you and your child to meet new people and make new friends in a friendly, gentle and relaxed atmosphere.

All parents, grandparents and carers and their children aged 3-4 are welcome to come along to join our sessions for friendship, play and educational activities and support.

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From “Curious Coders” to “Helicopter Drama and Storytelling,” our events cover a broad range of interests, ensuring your daughter finds her passion and gets a taste of the diverse early years education experience at Shrewsbury High. These sessions not only introduce them to the joys of learning but also to our school’s spirit of exploration and discovery.

A Glimpse into Our Junior School:

Early Years Education Shrewsbury: Workshop Benefits

Shrewsbury High School’s “Ready Steady Girl” pre-school sessions provide a distinctive opportunity for early development in crucial areas, like problem-solving, creativity, and collaboration, which are essential for lifelong learning. These sessions gently introduce a variety of activities, from coding to storytelling, nurturing a positive perspective towards learning and establishing a foundation for academic achievement and personal growth.

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