Outdoor Learning

The benefits of outdoor space go far beyond sport. Our natural outdoor environment provides the perfect backdrop for all of our pupils to learn and explore. Our Early Years pupils are provided with a wonderful wealth of resources in which to develop the six key areas of learning. Our young children will dig, create, experiment, pour and test out their hypotheses using a variety of media, materials and tools.

The outdoor classroom is crucial in supporting children’s growing awareness of the need to care for the environment and to develop a sense of responsibility, whilst getting a little dirty! Access to the outdoors is provided on a daily basis throughout the year and whatever the weather, our pupils develop their character, curiosity and resilience by being exposed to the great outdoors.

As part of move to Town Walls, we will recreate our Forest School facilities and make the most of the considerable green spaces at Town Walls. We will also develop our sports facilities to deliver a wide range of sports for all pupils as part of a high-quality inclusive programme.

Our inspiring and magical gardens and forest school benefit all of our pupils, whatever their age.


Junior pupils have their own distinct Junior School nestled in the heart of the Senior site with high-quality dedicated educational facilities. As well as new classrooms, we will be refurbishing a science lab to create a discovery lab, a creative space for teaching science and food technology, and a physics lab will be refurbished as a flexible physics and design technology space to benefit all pupils.

Our Junior pupils will also have access to the Senior School facilities, including art rooms, music rooms, the ICT room, science labs, the library, and the theatre, as well as the dining area and assembly halls.  The classrooms, not just in the new junior school but the Design Technology space, the Discovery Lab and Science spaces too, will support deep level learning.

Reception classroom which extends into two bright and airy spaces to ensure continuous provision for our youngest pupils as well as their own direct access to their own outdoor space which will be configured specifically for Early Years and more flexibly configured learning spaces that are inspiring our current design ideas will provide opportunities for movement and interaction.

Our new school site is a treasure trove of characterful indoor and outdoor spaces and these are just as important for stimulating curiosity, interaction and friendship as they are for providing fresh air, freedom to explore and relaxation.