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Independent Primary School for Girls | Shrewsbury High School


“As a small school, care and attention is lavished on the children and the brand new building means all modern tech and teaching innovations are front of mind.”



  • Unique in Shropshire: The only all-through, all-girl school for ages 4-18.
  • Prestigious Legacy: the only Girls’ Day School Trust school in the region.
  • Focused Attention: Our small class sizes ensure personalised care for every student in our independent primary school.
  • State-of-the-Art Facilities: Modern classrooms, discovery labs, creative science and technology spaces, plus access to whole school facilities like art rooms, music spaces, sports fields, science labs, and more.
  • Free Wraparound Care: from 8am – 6pm on weekdays


Introduction to Excellence

Shrewsbury High School Junior Classrooms

No 27 & No 28 Town Walls

Welcome to Shrewsbury High Junior School. With over 135 years of tradition, we are the only all-through, all-girls’ school for ages 4-18 in Shropshire. We take pride in offering first class facilities and an innovative curriculum, designed solely with girls in mind. Our girls thrive because we understand, more than anyone, how girls learn and develop.


Girls First

Our private junior school is part of the Girls’ Day School Trust (GDST), the leading network of girls’ schools in the country. As the only GDST school in the region, we offer a unique and tailored approach to primary school education focused on how girls learn best. We are guided by one simple principle – nothing should hold a girl back, least of all herself.


A Personalised Educational Journey

Our small class sizes ensure each girl receives focused attention and tailored learning experiences. Our dedicated and specialist staff provide nurturing, girl-centred pastoral care, fostering a sense of belonging. When your daughter joins our school, she joins a family of big and little sisters in the heart of our creative and vibrant community.


Shrewsbury High School Junior Classrooms

Innovative Learning Spaces

As one of the leading independent primary schools in Shrewsbury, we are incredibly proud of the learning spaces we have carefully crafted to support our girls. Our bright, airy, and modern classrooms are integrated with sophisticated technology, facilitating a multi-faceted approach to learning.

With fully equipped science and design technology spaces, two large indoor sports halls, and an entire house dedicated to Music and Art, students are provided with an enriching educational environment that supports a diverse range of interests and talents.

Additionally, all-weather outdoor sports surfaces, a theatre, and a beautiful dining room all contribute to an environment that encourages exploration and fosters a love for learning.

Environments that Inspire

Nestled in the very heart of Shrewsbury, on the banks of the River Severn, our girls benefit from inspiring outdoor spaces. From the enclosed forest school and walled garden to the hidden orchard and beautiful junior school gardens – every corner of our school is designed to ignite curiosity and a sense of wonder.

Developing Tomorrow’s Leaders

Our broad and creative curriculum within our independent primary school is tailored specifically for girls. They work creatively from an early age to encourage a love of learning and give them the tools they need to problem solve and collaborate with peers. We focus on developing skills and character, preparing our students for every stage of their education and beyond.

Nurturing Individuality and Confidence

We are intentionally small and hugely ambitious for our girls, we aim to nurture each girl’s potential, helping her find her unique voice. We want each and every girl to thoroughly enjoy the adventure of school.  Our role is not just to educate but to inspire and guide, ensuring every girl at our all girls junior school is ready to go out into the world with confidence, ready to experiment and be brave rather than perfect.  Our girls are comfortable taking risks and are positive about the future.

Guided by Ambition and Care

Shrewsbury High School Junior Classrooms

Our ultimate ambition is to nurture your daughter’s potential and individuality, helping her find her voice and her place in the world.  As she finds her passions and grows in confidence and maturity, we stand beside her, every step of the way.



Experience Our Community

Arrange your visit to Shrewsbury High School to find out how an environment designed solely for girls could transform your daughter’s life.  Join us for our Junior Open Day or book a private tour to discover the Shrewsbury High and GDST Difference.  Email to book your tour.


Q:What makes Shrewsbury High School unique among Shrewsbury primary schools?

A: As the only all-girl, all-through school in Shropshire, we offer a distinct educational journey from 4-18. Our school focuses solely on girls’ education. Everything from our curriculum and pastoral care to the timetable of the day is informed by research into how to provide the best environment for girls to thrive.

Q: Why girls’ only at junior school and what is the GDST Difference?

A: In mixed-sex schools, girls often adopt roles that reflect others’ views of them. This can sometimes narrow their academic and non-academic choices. Girls start to moderate their behaviour around boys in a classroom from a very young age.  Shrewsbury High, and all GDST schools, are girls’ schools by design,rejecting gender stereotypes and built around collaborative classrooms, curriculums that give girls the freedom to explore, and strong positive female role models.  Aged 9, just 5% of GDST girls feel negatively about the future compared to 35% of girls nationally. They are also more comfortable talking to people with different views to their own at 80%, significantly higher than non-GDST girls at 48% (source: The Girls Futures Report The Girls’ Futures Report – Girls’ Day School Trust (

Q: How does your independent primary school support personalised learning?

A: With small class sizes and a dedicated staff, we ensure each girl receives individual attention and tailored learning experiences. Our girls are encouraged to have a voice and use it. With smaller class sizes we know every girl, her strengths, her weaknesses, how she likes to learn, and how to help her achieve beyond her potential.

Q: What facilities does the Junior School offer?

A: Our Junior School boasts modern classrooms with integrated technology, an inspiring junior art room and dedicated creative spaces both indoors and outdoors for the girls to explore.  We’re nestled in the main school campus on Town Walls. As such, our girls also have access to:

  • Sports Fields & Courts
  • Indoor Sports Halls
  • Music House
  • Art House
  • Theatre
  • DT and Food Technology Suites
  • Science Laboratories
  • Bright and Airy Dining room
  • Extensive Outdoor Gardens and Orchards.

Q: Do you offer wraparound care?

A: We do!  We offer free and flexible wraparound care from 8am until 6pm.  Pupils are cared for by our experienced care team and offered a range of activities. These include, arts and crafts, games, and the opportunity to play in the school grounds, either in their own mini-woodland and playground or the school gardens and playing fields.

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Explore the world of opportunities waiting for your daughter at Shrewsbury High Junior School. We look forward to welcoming you.

Mrs Kate Millichamp