Recent global events have served as a very important reminder of the role we have to play as educators in shaping current and future generations.  They also remind us that we have to listen and learn in order to understand and look at ways we can do things differently.


At Shrewsbury High School we aim to nurture the values of kindness, tolerance and respect and we challenge our students to stand up and speak out when they see injustice of any kind – hoping our students can be a force for good in society and bring about positive change. We want to ensure Shrewsbury High is a place in which students feel comfortable about speaking up and raising issues, confident they will be listened to.

We strive to be an inclusive environment in which the wellbeing of every young person comes first, and where every student – no matter their background – can learn without limits.

We aim to empower young people who demand equality and we are proud that our students are passionate about the Black Lives Matter movement.  Therefore, we are putting our student voice to the fore of our response.

We are committed to bringing about real transformation and we will continue to actively engage with our students on these important matters.  We will also work towards longer term change, including consideration of curriculum content to ensure that change is meaningful and sustainable.

As part of the Girls’ Day School Trust we are working with Trust colleagues on a GDST Charter for Action where all students, staff, alumnae and parents will have the opportunity to influence and contribute to GDST goals and commitments before they are finalised.  You can read more about this from the CEO of the GDST Cheryl Giovanonni at

We would like to thank members of the school community, including alumnae, who have taken the time to share their own thoughts and experiences of racial discrimination.

At Shrewsbury High, our position on racism, and any type of prejudice or discrimination is clear, it is one of zero tolerance and we seek to engender proactive anti-discrimination.