Helping girls navigate the choppy waters of friendship problems.

For girls, it is known that the search for reliable and trusting friendships can sometimes be problematic; the lack of such friendships can cause unhappiness, tearfulness and anxieties in young people. Adults can help in only very limited ways, often because the problems within friendship groups are very fluid and difficult to express precisely.

As a result, the ‘Girls on Board’ approach aims to be used as a model and a common language to aid communication and give insight. Whilst we can never prevent girls ever falling out with each other, we can endeavour to empower them to find their own solutions, allowing parents to worry less and the girls to learn more effectively because they are happier.

As Girls on Board Champions, Heads of Year Ms Shenton and Mrs Anthony introduce girls to the fundamental precept that ‘Every Girl needs a Friend’ with all of them agreeing that nearly all the problems that girls have in their friendship stem from this one central truth.

Parental support is very much valued and appreciated, helps ensure a successful adoption of the programme and fundamentally allows us to work together to support the girls.


Why Girls-Only?
An evening with Dr Kevin Stannard.
Wednesday 29th November


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