Shrewsbury High School is a vibrant, independent day school in the heart of Shrewsbury, proud to have been educating pupils from across Shropshire and beyond since 1885 and firmly rooted in the local community.

We are clear in our vision for your child and what we can offer; an outstanding education; challenging and inspiring lessons, a rich variety of co-curricular activities and a supportive and caring family of pupils and teachers throughout all stages our of our school from Reception through to Sixth Form.

We remain intentionally small and hugely ambitious for our young people.  Our size allows us to create a tight knit community, we really know every one of our pupils and we prize their happiness above all else. We strive for excellence in all that we do and teach our pupils to aim high.  Through it all we remain down to earth and forward thinking.  We will get the best out of each of our pupils and help them to discover their personal strengths and qualities.

Academic excellence should be a given but we do not define ourselves purely on results.  We believe it is the holistic nature of an SHS education which makes it unique.  The hallmarks of an excellent school are not just its grades or place in the league table – far more important are the confident, well rounded pupils they produce – you only have to meet one of our Year 8 girls or a Shrewsbury High Sixth Former to see this in action.

We believe being part of the GDST family of excellent schools gives our pupils unique advantages and joins them to a global network of excellence and opportunity. We are the only GDST School in the local area and as such we are able to bring all the advantages of that powerful network to our girls.

We encourage our pupils to always do their best but equip them to deal with failure and ask them to be courageous as they venture into the world, rather than seek to be perfect. We help them work out how to make a difference in the world in which they live and contribute to their community; and Shrewsbury High is somewhere our pupils feel happy, valued and can have fun as they grown up.

So because of our size, our expertise in tailoring education, our GDST family, and our town location we are able to be both nurturing and challenging, we believe it is that winning combination which makes us different and unique. It is confidence in our difference that means we strive to ensure that there is no better environment in which to be challenged, no kinder environment in which to cope with setbacks and no richer environment in which pupils can discover their interests and fulfil their potential