Victoria Bacon and Sarah Hope, Co-Founders of Elizabeth’s Legacy of Hope Charity

Victoria and Sarah co-founded the Elizabeth’s Legacy of Hope Charity in 2011 which works to bring opportunities and vital support for children who have lost their limbs through war, accidents, and lack of access to medical care. The lives of the Hope family changed dramatically in April 2007, when a bus collision led to Sarah’s two-year-old daughter Pollyanna suffering a below-the-knee amputation, and leading to the death of Pollyanna’s grandmother, Elizabeth Panton.

Today, thanks to the excellent care of surgeons and prosthetics in the UK, Pollyanna leads a happy and active life, and is able to walk, play and go to school just like her friends. Yet the Hope family have always been aware that, for many child amputees in less developed countries, this kind of expert support is simply not available.

In memory of Elizabeth and inspired by the resilience and courage of Pollyanna, Elizabeth’s Legacy of Hope is making great change and helping children around the world to do the things that every other child can do like go to school and play with their friends. Through the generosity of their supporters in the UK, they bring hope and brighten the future for every child we help.

So far, they have changed the lives of over 250 child amputees in Tanzania, Sierra Leone, Liberia, and India. They have done this by improving access to prosthetics or other mobility devices and ensuring that they are able to have surgeries and aftercare. They are committed to providing medical support to each individual child until it stops growing. On top of this. They support the integration of child amputees into schools, by paying for school fees, books and uniforms for one year.

Victoria is also publishing her second book this year which is really exciting!

These two women are truly inspiring and we are proud that they are a part of our Shrewsbury High School Alumnae family. Their advice to current pupils of the school is to always believe in yourself! To live life to the full and to smile a lot!