Susannah Gill, World record holding marathon runner and Director of Communications and Corporate Affairs for the UK Tote Group

Susannah Gill is a world record holding marathon runner. She won the World Marathon Challenge after completing seven marathons across seven continents in seven days. She does this alongside being the Director of Communications and Corporate Affairs at the UK Tote Group.

She set out to complete the London Marathon. Now, marathon running has literally taken her around the world.

Over the past decade, she has completed 45 marathons, including 10 London Marathons, with a fastest time of 2 hours 58 minutes. Gill ran the gruelling 295km (183 miles) in a world record time of 24 hours 19 minutes nine seconds. She ran the final race in Miami on Wednesday night in 3:26:24. Gill finished second in the first marathon in Antarctica but won each of the remaining six marathons – all run over the standard 26 miles 385 yards (42.2km) – on her way to overall victory. Competitors landed in Cape Town, South Africa on 29 January before travelling to Antarctica for the first marathon, where temperatures dropped as low as -35C. Just two days later in Perth, Western Australia – and having run a marathon in Cape Town the day before – Gill battled soaring temperatures of 35C.

She began running at University to keep fit but she didn’t do any competitions. She lived in London for two years and wanted to attempt the London Marathon. She completed it and has done every year since.

Beginning in the snow and freezing conditions of Nova in Antarctica, Gill then flew to South Africa for the second leg in 30C heat. The final five marathons were run at night and, with time zones blurring, the runners had to adapt to a strange routine.

Gill hopes that her achievements will help inspire other women to take up running. “I had no greater ambition than to run one marathon. I fell in love with running and if I can do this then lots of other people can too”.