Dr Kate Hendry, Researcher and Chemical Oceanographer

Dr Kate Hendry is a Chemical Oceanographer who explores the deep sea, from the Arctic to the Antarctic! As well as a chemical oceanographer, Kate is a Palaeoclimatologist which means she studies of past climates. Paleoclimatology is crucial in helping us to understand climate change today. Diving deep into the abyss, there are biological systems that live away from the light, which people have only just begun to explore. Dr Kate Hendry is one of those people!

Kate left Shrewsbury High School to study an undergraduate degree in Natural Sciences at Cambridge University. After that, she carried out a doctorate in Antarctic biogeochemistry at Oxford University. Following that, Kate worked for 18 months at Oxford after completing her thesis as a postdoctoral research associate, before moving to the US for over two years as a postdoctoral scholar at Woods Hole Oceanographic Research Institution.

Kate moved back to the UK, initially as a Research Lecturer at Cardiff University, then as a Royal Society University Research Fellow at the University of Bristol. She has published over 40 well-cited, peer-reviewed papers, with over 700 citations. Dr Kate Hendry is a director of Antarctic Science Ltd, and sits on the UK National Committee of Antarctic Research.

Kate has since returned to SHS to tell pupils all about deep-ocean ecosystems. The talk was inspiring for pupils considering marine biology as a career but also for the rest of the pupils who got to hear all about Kate’s successes after leaving the High School which puts into practice that there really is no limit to what a Shrewsbury High School girl can achieve in the world of science!

Kate’s advice for future scientists is to stay broad in your studies and get a good grounding across the board. She advises aspiring scientists to get involved and take full advantage of the opportunities out there to work in science with volunteer organisations, charities, museums, and so on. She advises that, the more people you talk to, the more exciting science you will be able to find out about!