Shrewsbury High School “Old Girls”

Shrewsbury High School is just the beginning! From the moment you become a pupil at Shrewsbury High School you join an inspiring group of women who have headed off in a variety of different directions and on a number of different paths.

As a Shrewsbury High School alumna, you remain a valuable part of our community and a role model to many who will follow in your footsteps. We encourage all our former pupils to keep in touch, let us know what you are doing and if you can, offer work experience or speak to our current pupils. If you would like to let us know what you are doing now, please contact our alumnae team on


The GDST Alumnae Network

As a Shrewsbury High School alumna, you also join the GDST Alumnae Network, a unique club of 70,000 members in the UK and around the world.

Update your details or find out more about the benefits of being a member of this exciting family of brilliant women at


Notable Alumnae

Visit our Notable Alumnae page to see what some of our wonderful Alumnae network are up to. Since 1885, Shrewsbury High School has been empowering young women to go out into the world with confidence and courage. The careers of some of these women, from Kate Phillips, Head of Entertainment at the BBC to Dr Alice Bunn, director of the UK Space Agency, show that there is no limit to what a Shrewsbury High School girl can achieve.

As well as this we also have a page dedicated to our most recent alumnae, exploring what they have been up to in the years since they left the High School.