Year 12

I joined Shrewsbury High School for Sixth Form! I chose the school because I felt that it would give me the support I needed. It definitely has!

I was obviously nervous because I was new but everyone made such an effort! It’s just a super welcoming community. I’ve been here a year now and I feel very settled.

Me and my friends all have different ambitions, I want to study veterinary sciences whereas they are interested in crimonology and social anthropology. Teachers at the school help us all to prepare for our future, whether that’s work experience, personal statements or career advice.

The nice thing about school here is that you don’t have to do just one thing! I enjoy netball, rounders and choir! There are loads of great opportunities. For example, we worked on EPQs (research projects) with other GDST schools from the North. It definitely feels like there’s a big family of schools.

Above all, I feel like I’m treated as an adult. The teachers work with you, not against you – they definitely want the best for us. Like, the new Head of Year emails us daily; he doesn’t just go to parents. We all feel respected.

Outside of school, I love equestrian sports and ride every weekend. I was really proud to be picked for the Great Britain team for the mounted games. I went to Colorado to represent the country and came second – it was such an amazing experience!

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Year 1

I started Shrewsbury High Prep a couple of years ago in Nursery and am looking forward to moving into Year one in a few weeks’time!

I love school and being with all my friends. I love playing with the children in my class on the playground but I also enjoy seeing the older children, they’re very kind to me.

I think my best bit last year was when we did art and we invited our mummys and daddys in to see what we had done and to do some art with us. We also set up a French cafe and served our mummys cake and coffee! It was brilliant!

When we were in reception we learnt how to write stories and we took turns showing them to each other.  I think we will write more stories in Year one and I hope we will get to read them to the Nursery children.

I love playtime outside and inside the classroom, although my sister (who’s in Year 3) says that I won’t get to play as much in Year 1 so I’m looking forward to writing stories instead and maths!

We learn French with Mrs Lock and sing songs in French; it’s great fun. We also do singing and music lessons too and next year I’m going to learn the ukulele. In Year 1, we will go swimming too and go on lots of fun trips out during forest school.

I can’t wait to be in Year 1 and do lots of work.


Sixth Form

I had an absolutely brilliant Year 12. I was Managing Director of our Young Enterprise team, “Carried Away” with a group of 9 SHS girls. We decided to create re-usable hessian bags, that we locally sourced and then painted different local skylines onto. We also managed to get into 3 local business, including Planet Doughnut, Philpott’s and Bonbons. It has been an amazing journey and we have learnt so much and come so far as individuals. We were extremely lucky to win 3 awards at the Shropshire Regional Event, including Most Profitable Business, Entrepreneurship Award and Best Managing Director.

I also won one of only two GDST places on a Careers Insight week with Jupiter Asset Management. I travelled from Birmingham to London everyday with very early starts, however it was completely worth it. I met lots of people from throughout the asset management world in Jupiter, from equity analysts to the marketing team. A highlight of my week was meeting Edward Bonham Carter, and being the only name he could remember in the room!

It has really given me an idea of what I could do in the future and we received a lot of advice about universities, CVS and interviews. I would definitely recommend it, I met some amazing people, both from the company and other students. Sabrina and Amy were so amazing for running the whole week and I cannot thank either of them enough for this opportunity.


Year 4

I started school in reception when I was 4 years old. I am now nearly 9 and I am going into year 4. My teacher is Mrs Pearce.

Shrewsbury High prep is great, the teachers are kind and always helpful. I have learnt so much in 4 years and had so much fun!

I love maths because I like being challenged with big numbers and doing my times tables as fast as I can in ‘TT rockstars’. I love P.E. because I like getting active and going on the minibus to different
schools to play in matches.

I enjoy my art lessons – I used to hate art but Mrs Fox has helped me become more creative when I draw. I loved the graffiti 3D writing we did this summer.

There is so much to do at playtime from school council meetings to Lego robotics club, from trebles choir to playing football and cricket with the older boys. It’s great when I catch a glimpse of my brother and sister at lunch or walking to lessons; they are always smiling and chatting to their friends.


Year 7

My name is Zach and I’m in Year 7 at Shrewsbury High Prep School. I joined 2 years ago and I’ve been so happy here since my first day. It just doesn’t feel like school when you’re here. Every lesson is fun and the teachers are all amazing.

For me, the best thing here is sport. I love doing football, rugby, cricket, athletics and cross country, and I am so proud to represent the school in team events.

I really enjoy every subject. You can tell that the teachers really love their jobs and care about us all, they bring the best out of us and I wouldn’t want to go to any other school.


Year 6

I first joined the school in Year Three and now I’m moving into Year Six. Being in this school has made me happy. I love the clubs, my friends and having an adventure (and seeing my brothers in the playground). I love to be in sports teams and playing for the school at rounders, netball and hockey and I’m really looking forward to our sports tour of Holland in the summer. I also love playing football and cricket but I’m not such a fan of cross country! Another favourite subject is art, Mrs Fox teaches us so many clever techniques and we learn about so many different artists. The art room is one of my favourite rooms in the school.

I’ve been to the senior school loads and I can’t believe that in a year I will actually be going there, we had a brilliant CSI day where we wore Hazmat suits and had to solve a crime and we play matches on the astro at seniors too. I find maths hard but being with Mrs Gill has made me happy because it doesn’t matter if you get something wrong because you can learn from mistakes. I had so much fun in Year Five and loved going to Chester Zoo, Cadbury’s world and Manor Adventure, where we stayed away from home and tried lots of different outdoor activities – I loved abseiling and even though the underground tunnels scared me at first I was really pleased when I made it to the end!


Year 9

I’m Freya and I’m about to start Year 9.  This will be my tenth year at SHS, that’s a whole a decade at Shrewsbury High!

Things are starting to get serious as I choose my GCSE subjects this year.  I love maths, science and technology, so they are sure to feature on the list of subjects I’ll be taking.  I’m also passionate about Art and I go to Art Scholars club on a Tuesday.

Away from the classroom I really enjoy sport. I play hockey and netball in the winter and my favourite sports are tennis, cricket & rounders in the summer. I’m always keen to play in matches and I go to team practice at lunch times.

Since joining the Senior School two years ago I’ve become a lot more organised and independent, we are encouraged to think for ourselves and take on responsibility.

Friendships at school are important to me and I’m lucky to have so many fantastic girls with me every day. A lot of them have been my friends since we were 4!  I’ve also really enjoyed getting to know the new girls who joined in the senior school.

This year I went on an amazing school trip to Italy, we flew to Sicily and climbed Mount Etna later we got an overnight ferry to Pompeii, we crammed in so much, had lots of fun and learnt a lot too.  I’ve also taken part in sports tours including a hockey weekend in Bath (where we met an Olympic hockey player) and a GDST cricket tournament at Queenwood (where we won the plate).  There was also a netball tour to Disneyland Paris!

Our four Houses, Apollo, Jupiter, Mercury & Neptune, are big part of school life. I was put into Apollo because my mum was house captain of Apollo when she was at Shrewsbury High School, (in the last millennium!) There are lots of house competitions such as Sports Day, House Maths, House Netball & Hockey, House Debating, and House Drama. I’ll admit, I’m not the best at drama, but I went out of my comfort zone and participated in the house drama this year. I worked with lots of the other girls in all the year groups and really got to know my house as a whole.


Sixth Form

My name is Ela and I joined Shrewsbury High School when I was 4 in Reception. I am currently in Year 13 studying English Literature, Sociology and Religious studies as well as doing an extra A level of Turkish. I am bilingual and I felt doing Turkish would be good for me to do to fall back on to in the future. I am looking to go to University and study Law as it is a subject I am passionate about and also feel suits me best.

In Year 12 I really stepped up as a student and person and joined more and more activities such as the Big Sisters programme where I act as a mentor to the Year 8s and help them with any problems they face, from friendship stress to school stress. I also have improved my grades significantly. I became English prefect which was a big step up for me both academically and also for myself as I feel like I am constantly improving skills such as leadership and public speaking skills which are of course two skills needed to become a lawyer.

Year 12 was a big change for me, and I feel like this is because of my decision to stay at the High School where I have had the help and support I need from both my teachers and my peers. I also feel that because of the decision to stay I have seen a major improvement in my studies, and I have become more motivated to do well in my future. I am thankful for the High School for allowing me to become a confident, independent student and I feel like SHS has been the best place for me to do this as it has allowed me to grow as an individual whilst also ensuring I am staying on track and fulfilling my potential.


Year 10

I joined Shrewsbury High School mid way through Year 9 and I was slightly worried that most friendship groups would already be formed and I might find it harder to mix in with other girls. However, the girls at SHS were very welcoming and I soon settled in.

I was introduced to the new canteen and love all the different food options and am really enjoying taking advantage of all the extra things we get to do on top of normal lesson time. I joined Shrewsbury High so I could have new opportunities which would set me up for life and now that I’ve settled in fully and about to get started in Year 10 I’m looking forward to exploring all my opportunities even more and am excited about my future here at SHS.


Year 1

My name is Ambrose and I am in Year One with Miss James.  I have been at Shrewsbury High Prep School since Nursery and I love it!

My classroom is in The Rocks and we have a playground and mini woodland to play in every breaktime.  My best friends are Jack and Yezan but I like everyone in my class and we have lots of fun.

I love going to Forest School on a Wednesday afternoon and I really like reading.   I also like it when I get to go to after-school club each week.  Mum says I never want to go home when she picks me up.

My best food at school is chocolate sponge pudding with chocolate custard!  When I am a bit older I want to learn how to play an instrument at school like my brother Clem does.  Except he does piano and I want to learn the guitar.