Year 13

My name is Harriet I am the current Head Girl at Shrewsbury High. My job is to be a friendly face around school and someone any of the pupils can come to at any point if they have any questions, worries or just fancy a chat.

I am currently studying English, Economics and Psychology. I love English and am hoping to study this at university after I leave Shrewsbury High. I was also part of the Sixth Form GDST LEAD team (Leadership Enterprise Advanced Diploma).  Our team was called “Culture through Cooking” and we set up a business to offer cooking lessons to junior pupils with dishes from around the world so we could all learn about different cultures.  We had to present our business plan at the London School of Economics with lots of other GDST teams – I’d definitely recommend this as something to get involved with when you’re in Sixth Form!

Shrewsbury High is an amazing place to make new friends, find new passions and have lots of fun. Everyone here is so kind and welcoming.


Year 13

Hi, I’m Bella.  I started Shrewsbury High School when I was only 15 months old (!) and have loved every minute (I must say I can’t remember everything from when I was 15 months old but what I do remember has all been fab!).

Making friends and socialising is very important to me and growing up at Shrewsbury High I have been able to do just this so easily.  I have made lots of friends throughout and new friends who joined the Sixth Form.

I am studying Economics, Psychology and Graphic Design and outside of academics at SHS, I really enjoy sport, especially netball which I played throughout Juniors and carried on throughout Seniors.  I have also just finished my first year of rowing which I have very much enjoyed and has been a great break throughout GCSEs.  I have shared many fun moments with my friends in the boat club and on the river (definitely doing the capsize test at the start).  I hope to carry this on through next year.

Along with sport, I also enjoy the Arts.  I took part in LAMDA for 5 years which has been great for my confidence and has allowed me to complete my GCSE speaking exam a lot more comfortably and will also hopefully help in the future with public speaking and future careers. I have made so many amazing memories at Shrewsbury High School and I am so thankful for the opportunity I’ve had to come to this school and the amazing experiences I have taken part in.

Through netball here at Shrewsbury High I have been fortunate to be able to go on a netball tour to Disneyland and I will also be going on another netball tour to Malaysia next year with the school which will not only be great to play against many other teams but to travel and create many new memories with my friends.


Year 10

I first joined the school in Year Three and now I’m in year 10.   Being in this school has made me happy. I love the clubs, my friends and having an adventure.  I love to be in sports teams and playing for the school at rounders, netball and hockey. I also love playing football and cricket but I’m not such a fan of cross country! I’ve chosen my GCSE subjects now and have gone for subjects that I really love and enjoy and quite a variety from Latin to PE!

I loved the junior school and I’m loving senior school just as much.  I kept lots of friends from juniors but also have made so many new ones who joined in year 7 or 9.  The teachers at SHS are so supportive so even in subjects I find trickier, such as Maths, I don’t mind getting something wrong because you can learn from mistakes and there is always someone to explain where you went wrong and how to improve.

There are so many things to get involved in at school and I like to go at nearly everything – and I’ve discovered over the last few years that actually some of the subjects I didn’t think I’d be good at, I really enjoy! All the teachers are so friendly and helpful and they’re all a lot of fun so it makes the days a lot of fun too!


Year 13

I joined Shrewsbury High School mid way through Year 9 and I was slightly worried that most friendship groups would already be formed and I might find it harder to mix in with other girls. However, the girls at SHS were very welcoming and I soon settled in.

I was introduced to the new canteen and love all the different food options and am really enjoying taking advantage of all the extra things we get to do on top of normal lesson time. I joined Shrewsbury High so I could have new opportunities which would set me up for life and have enjoyed exploring all the sports, academic subjects and extra curricular activities that have been available to me here at SHS.

I am the outgoing Head Girl and studied Chemistry, Biology and Psychology for A Level.  I find science logical and interesting – it allows me to gain a more indepth understanding of the world around me.  I would like to study medicine at university.


Year 8

Hello! I’m Amelia and I joined this school in year 3.  I love this school because of the facilities for sports and drama how many friends you can make.  I’ve really enjoyed my first year in the senior school and have been taking advantage of everything on offer.

I know all the teachers now and have made loads of new friends.  I was given a magnificent drama scholarship into year 7 and I think you could guess what I love doing? DRAMA!!  This year I was really excited to take part in the whole school drama production of Noughts and Crosses and to play Annie in our House Drama production!

I also adore sports my favourite sports are netball, swimming, cricket, rounders and most of all TENNIS!

I can’t wait to see what year 8 will bring!


Year 13

I’m Freya and I’m in Year 13.  This will be my fourteenth year at SHS, that’s more than a decade at Shrewsbury High!

I’m really enjoying Sixth Form and am one of the Sixth Form Prefects – the Senior Prefect for Subject Mentoring and I work closely with the Head Girl team in our roles as school leaders.

Away from the classroom I really enjoy sport. I play hockey and netball in the winter and my favourite sports are tennis, cricket & rounders in the summer. I’m always keen to play in matches and I go to team practice at lunch times – I am the Cricket and Tennis Sports Captain and really enjoy helping to coach the younger pupils at school.

I’ve become a lot more organised and independent, we are encouraged to think for ourselves and take on responsibility.

Friendships at school are important to me and I’m lucky to have so many fantastic girls with me every day. A lot of them have been my friends since we were 4!  I’ve also really enjoyed getting to know the new girls who joined in the senior school and into Sixth Form.

Our four Houses, Apollo, Jupiter, Mercury & Neptune, are big part of school life. I was put into Apollo because my mum was house captain of Apollo when she was at Shrewsbury High School, (in the last millennium!) There are lots of house competitions such as Sports Day, House Maths, House Netball & Hockey, House Debating, and House Drama.


Year 1

Hi, my name’s Tabitha and I am in Year 1.  My favourite things about school are playing horses with my friends, swimming, drama with the Sixth Formers and being a dog in the Nativity.  I love forest school and  trips and am looking forward to going to Carding Mill Valley.  My favourite subject is English because it helps me concentrate.  I enjoyed doing poetry from The Ugly Five.

Learning about Africa and the different places and animals has been really fun in the Creative Curriculum.  My favourite part of school is our classroom and the comfy carpet.

The new hall is nice and big and you can play a lot of games and climb on the apparatus.