Our fees cover tuition across the regular curriculum, school books, games and swimming, a limited number of non-residential curriculum trips, stationery, choral music and other materials. They do not cover lunches, optional extra subjects (below) or the cost of travel to school.


From September 2023 
Reception£3,591.00 per term
Year 1 & Year 2£3,675.00 per term
Year 3£3,952.00 per term
Years 4 to 6£4,430.00 per term
Years 7 to Year 9£5,460.00 per term
Years 10 & 11£5,525.00 per term
Years 12 & 13£5,577.00 per term


Lunch costs are £240.00 per term (from September 2021), when averaged over the whole year. For Early Years and KS1 this includes morning juice or milk and a healthy snack, lunch, and afternoon tea for those staying for After School Club. For Years 3 to 6 at the Junior School this includes lunch and afternoon tea for those staying for After School Club.


Sibling Discount

We offer a sibling discount: fees are reduced by 20% for the 3rd child and all subsequent children, for their full time in the school. To qualify, a family must have 3 or more children attending a GDST School at the same time before a discount can be awarded to the third or any subsequent sibling.

Notice of Fee Increase

A term’s notice will be given for any increase in fees.


We ask for a non-refundable registration fee of £100.


A £500 deposit is payable on acceptance of a place. The deposit will be held until the end of your child’s final term in school and will be refunded within 12 weeks of their leaving, less any sums owing to the GDST or the school at that time. The deposit cannot be refunded if a pupil is withdrawn after a place has been accepted.

Notice of withdrawal

A term’s notice must be given in writing to the school if you are withdrawing your child. Notice must be given no later than the first day of the term preceding the term to which the notice relates.


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