At Shrewsbury High School we are very proud of the achievements of our pupils.

Two of the highlights of each academic year are A Level and GCSE results days. All of the hard work comes to fruition on these days as pupils in Year 13, finishing Sixth Form, and Year 11, finishing their secondary school education, discover the grades they have been awarded. Our community here at Shrewsbury High is very strong. On these results days, pupils, parents and many of the teaching and support staff are present when the results are given out.

These are very special days here at the High School. Being present when pupils receive their results and achieve successes which then allow them to move to the next stage of their education or chosen vocation, truly is a privilege.

Please visit our news pages to read the highlights from results days 2023:

GCSE results day 2023

A level Results Highlights 2023

One of the key measures that schools use to determine success is the progress made from Year 7 to Year 11 and GCSEs, and from Year 11 to A Levels in Year 13. Here at Shrewsbury High we are incredibly proud of our track record in this regard.

Data is taken from the government website: