Life in Year 1 

Year 1 commences a love of learning that will continue throughout the rest of their life. Stimulating topics have been chosen to stir up awe and wonder within your child and a method of teaching adopted which allows them to develop their creativity and independence. As William Shakespeare said,  

‘We know what we are, but know not what we may be.’








Structure of the year 

Autumn Term 

We jump straight into our creative curriculum with a topic called ‘Famous For More Than Five Minutes’.  Firstly, children are familiarised some of the more prominent monarchs. Next, a visit to the Victorian town of Blist’s Hill immerses pupils in the way of life in Victorian times. This is followed up by an examination of Victorian objects and toys and the children invent their own Victorian toy for our Victorian toy shop. We then delve into more famous people and look at and compare the inventions of G Stephenson and Da Vinci and the artwork of JS Lowry and W Morris and enjoy a visit to Wightwick Manor. We finish the term with the Pre-Prep nativity which can be shared with the family. 

Our brilliant Pre-Prep nativity

Spring Term 

Our Spring term is more geography-based and looks at Oceans and Seas. This includes naming oceans around the world and seas around Britain, looking at ways of travelling the seas and the history of seafaring vessels and also wave action on beaches. We also manage to include a wide variety of art projects including Turner style seascapes, underwater collages and three-dimensional sea sculptures. 

Summer Term 

In the Summer term, Year 1 try to make the most of the better weather and go outside to the local area, Powis Castle and The Quarry. We make plans and maps, follow routes, design a garden and a park, evaluate the town park and write letters to the council with suggestions on how to improve it.


To find out more, read the A warm welcome to Year 1 here.


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