No 27 & No 28 Town Walls

At Shrewsbury High School, we see all of our pupils as individuals with their own personality, interests, learning styles.  Each one is valued, each one is unique.  One is quiet, content to dream and soak up their learning, whilst another likes to think out loud and seems permanently on the go.

From September 2021 our early years and pre-prep children will join fellow prep children in their brand new junior school nestled within the heart of the senior school site on Town Walls, focusing solely on the exciting educational journey for 4-11 year olds.

Reception classrooms will extend into two bright airy spaces that will ensure continuous provision for our youngest pupils as well as  direct access to their own outdoor space that will be configured specifically for Early Years.  It is the environment that we are now able to create that will be our real curriculum, the environment of awe and wonder that will stimulate initiative and confidence and interaction, while providing opportunities for imaginations to run wild.

We will provide high-quality dedicated educational facilities for all our pupils, including the very youngest pupils in our community, who will benefit from new classrooms, a discovery lab, a creative space for teaching science and food technology, and we will recreate our Forest School facilities and make the most of the considerable green spaces at Town Walls.

These buildings will become a bespoke junior school

In a creative classroom our children will quickly feel at home, and this extends outside of the classroom too.  Town Walls is a beautiful site, a treasure trove of outdoor and indoor spaces, providing fresh air, freedom to explore and relaxation, and our early years and pre-prep pupils will have the daily joys of discovery and play, from the the trim trail and play area to the orchard, the forest school area, the pond, the greenhouse, and much, much more.

What has been created with our new school on Town Walls is a greater sense of possibility, an opportunity to create design a bespoke junior school that will allow us to be innovative, to push our educational boundaries further and to set us apart.

To find out more about Early Years and Pre-Prep at Shrewsbury High School, please email or call us on 01743 494 200.